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Black Is Green with Black Google Mobile!

Got battery life problems on your mobile phone? Who doesn’t! Give the environment and your battery a break and start searching with Black Google Mobile at, the first battery saving search powered by Google and launched in 2010.

Black is the new green with this energy saving search for phones that delivers standard organic mobile search results from Google with a black background that draws less power than the traditional white background. The increasingly popular AMOLED display based phones have the greatest known savings with some units using seven times less power!

Addicted to search? Who isn’t! Black Google Mobile is another easy way to conserve at a time when most people are frustrated with their mobile battery life because devices are using more power than ever before. Google in black loads faster, looks cooler, uses less bandwidth (which saves money) and is easier on the eyes, all while reducing how often you have to recharge your phone.

Google greener today and help save energy one search at a time. Every little bit helps and it adds up to a massive energy savings with enough people using it. For the best results, set Black Google Mobile at (pronounced “bee-goog”) as your default mobile home page by following the instructions on the site if you don’t know how.

For more information and the science behind it please visit
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