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Black search saves battery power, loads faster, uses less bandwidth which saves money, reduces eye strain and looks awesome! Give your battery a break by searching with Black Search at, the first battery saving search for mobile phones powered by a lightweight Google Custom Search engine.

Black is green with our energy saving search that delivers normal organic web search results and image search results directly from Google with a black background that draws less power than the traditional white background. Any smartphone or desktop computer can benefit while searching. AMOLED display based phones have the greatest known savings with some displays using seven times less power! [4DSystems]

Searching in black is another easy way to conserve at a time when most people are frustrated with their mobile battery life because devices are using more power than ever before. For the best results, set as your default mobile home page. Doing this will ensure every time your browser loads you will be saving energy and bandwidth, one search at a time! Every little bit helps and it adds up to a massive energy savings with lots of people using it.

Black Is Better

Most display technologies consume more power displaying the color white than the color black. For most screen types the brightness is proportional to battery use and displaying all white backgrounds draws more power as it is an energy intensive color.

OLED (eg: AMOLED), CRT and Plasma type displays almost always have significant power savings displaying black instead of white. For any given screen technology the power savings can vary depending on the exact technology used and how it’s made.

AMOLED displays are often the leading choice for thin screen technology in mobile phones and look very similar to the more traditional LCD displays. OLED’s have become very popular for both cell phones and computer monitors over the past few years over the older LCD technology. An inactive OLED display element produces no light and consumes no power when displaying black as it has no backlight [AMOLED]. When showing white however, OLED screens must consume much more power. “An OLED will consume around 40% of the power of an LCD displaying an image which is primarily black… AMOLED can use over three times as much power to display an image with a white background such as a document or website.” [OLED]

There are some LCD screens that have no difference and some that save power, such as LED backlit LCD’s. In general though, screens typically save power or are neutral in consumption. It is extremely rare for any display to consume significantly more power displaying black.

A leading expert in green computing, Mark Ontkush, calculated that a “Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year” [EI]. The expert claims that a black version of the Google search engine would save an enormous amount of energy due to the popularity of Google. Another study about "Energy Use and Power Levels in New Monitors and Personal Computers", carried out by the Environmental Energy Technologies division of the University of California (Berkley), concluded that it requires more power to display a white screen than a black screen [GOV]. When comparing CRT and LCD monitors, measured energy savings are higher on CRT monitors. Still, both types of screens benefit from the usage of a darker screen, including using our mobile black search engine.

Reduce Eye Strain

Setting the black search as your startup home page minimizes computer eye strain and looks cooler! Eye strain is often caused by excessively bright light. By minimizing the exposure to bright lights our black search engine will help you reduce eye fatigue. Information and facts about the screen influence can be found by reading the U.S. National Library of Medicine study [GOV].

Please feel free to share or publish information and facts about, the original mobile black battery and bandwidth energy saving search engine. The more people who know, the more we can save energy and the environment together! Every little bit helps and raises awareness for what is really important.

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